„The biggest value is the people“
orehov Yuri Orekhov

People's artist of Russia, Vice-President of the Russian Academy of arts, laureate of state premiums, the founder of the support Fund of sculptors of Russia "Sculptor".

Museum Of Yuri Orekhov

Museum Of Yuri Orekhov was opened in Moscow in the former workshop of the famous sculptor..

Yuri Orekhov

People's artist of Russia, Vice-President of the Russian Academy of arts, laureate of state premiums, the founder of the support Fund of sculptors of Russia "Sculptor".

Once you will visit in France. Walking the streets of Paris, you will see something familiar in the bronze figure, standing alone on the banks of the Seine.

Coming closer, you'll find in it the image of Pushkin. Heart filled with charm and light feeling, and the monotonous voice of the guide will tell: it is the work of Russian sculptor Yuri Orekhov.

Nuts loved Pushkin. It is decorated with the Pushkin Minsk, Baku, Paris, Vienna, Rome.

Alexander Sergeyevich Pushkin
the Sculptor Yuri Orekhov
Rome, 2000
Yury Grigoryevich Orekhov has lived an interesting and eventful life.

A history of the formation of a simple guy from a family of hereditary blacksmiths sculptor of world renown and many awards, the Vice-President of the Russian Academy of arts, the founder and mastermind of the Sculptor Foundation.
Chapter one.
Early years: childhood—adolescence

Yuri Orekhov was born 20 APR 1927 in Tula. His family lived a modest and difficult life. Uncle Yuri was a member of the government. In 1937, the year he was recognized as the “enemy” and shot. Nutty family was evicted from an apartment, his father was expelled from the party.

the childhood of the future sculptor was and light moments. At that time, he developed interest in the work thanks to a teacher of drawing and sketching, the artist Konstantin Skorokhodov.

Little Yuri loved the lessons Skorokhodov and began to attend the art class. At that time it was decided to send the children's work in Newspapers. Sent and work of Yuri. The work was accepted and printed in the “Pioneer truth": in his childhood Yuri Nuts won first prizes.

When Yuri was 14 years old, the war began. His sister and cousins were evacuated near Orenburg. A year later he returned and entered the plant “Meter” in Mytishchi, where the war worked as a mechanic, making mine fuses and intercom. At the same time Yura had studied at an evening school. He never thought that someday he will create masterpieces of sculpture.

Summer of 1945, Yuri sees the announcement of a set at the Stroganov school. He recorded the interview, frantically drawing something and goes to the admissions office. He almost doesn't believe that will do, especially when he sees the other guys. But the selection Committee sees his desire to learn and allows for exams.

the Contest is a whopping 10 people! First exam — drawing. Yura draws a simple still life with rag. Choosing where to take — to pictorial or sculptural — decides that he has neither the skills nor the practice of painting, and sculpture. Says that the sculpture “hands to do, and hands me the plant you've taught me something”.

Jura exams. In the decisive day post lists of received, in which he does not find his name. Pleasant enough, but Yura isn't upset, because it understands that it is not ready. He is going to go home, but his gaze falls on the neighboring group list of metal art and finds his name! It took Metalist-localwiki. Yuri I didn't feel like metal. During the war he was on it and so did a lot of work.

Come the first of September. Yuri, like all, come to school, but there is... a group of sculptors. Before the lesson, hold a roll call. The young man pulls his hand and says that it has not made the list. "Error" is immediately corrected. So Yuri himself entered myself in all the lists where he studied sculptors, and identified his calling.
Chapter two.

The Group was huge, but quickly thinned. Many could not cope. But Yuri was such zeal that he had to stop but could not.

Work for disciplined and accustomed to hard labor, so the study of the Jurassic was a pleasant experience. He didn't get out of art school, doing late into the night, until the expelled. Gradually, the group has developed into a very strong, releasing a lot of good artists.

My main teacher and educator Nut believes Saul Rabinovich. Rabinovich in every seen, directed and developed, supported by his disciples. Rabinovich had a huge impact on George. No wonder they became friends.

Jura well and with pleasure studied and received a diploma with honors. A lot of practice he went from his teachers at ENEA and after graduating from the Stroganov Academy started independent work as a sculptor.

back in the ' 50s, he began to receive large and interesting orders. And it worked. He had no other life, only work from morning till night. Stood in the
six-thirty, slept until twelve.

Yuri Smith has accumulated an impressive list of works in Russia and abroad. Numerous monuments to the heroes, soldiers, writers, and cities. A memorial plaque actors and the first cosmonaut Yuri Gagarin. Sculptural portraits and tombstones. It was not the direction in sculpture, where the Nuts have not tried myself.

artist Yuri Orekhov appreciated the professionalism, ability to deliver what people need. Of course, when personal desire coincided with the ordered, it was a double pleasure. This combination he achieved when he made the monuments to Pushkin, Butlerov, Leskov.

In honor of Leskov Nuts together with his son created a monument-ensemble. Walnut made sculptures of heroes of the writer that are placed on the columns around the monument. For this work of the father and of the son, of Walnut was awarded the State prize.

He loved
work in stone

He believed that this material, which will be released from the hands of the sculptor himself, bypassing the middleman.

Work, personally carved them in stone, Yuri Orekhov recognize your best creations.

Nikolai Semenovich Leskov
the Sculptor Yuri Orekhov
eagle, 2000
Alexander Mikhailovich Butlerov
the Sculptor Yuri Orekhov
eagle, 2000

Following the award, the Lenin, the sculptor received for his work in the Kremlin. For the Marble hall, he created the ten thematic compositions. Nuts have received the award without even being a member of a party which at that time was incredible.

Headstone Andrei Mironov, a monument and tombstone defenders of the White house, the prize Russian National music award "ovation" is just a small part of his inexhaustible energy and creative imagination.
Chapter three, final.

In 1994, begins a Grand revival of Christ the Savior.

Yuri Nuts heads the reconstruction of the sculptural decoration of the temple. The scope of work is striking: it 48 tracks, including 8 multi-figure. Yuri Orekhov collects more than 50 of the best sculptors from Moscow and St. Petersburg and creating a Fund "Sculptor" at the Russian Academy of arts.

there were a lot of difficulties, but despite that the work was going steadily. If in the XIX century during the construction of the temple sculptors worked 17 years at the recreation of the wizard coped for a year and a half.

Professionals have to detail to repeat the authors, and to repeat other is always difficult for a creative person. But professionalism won out, and the work of sculptors of the Fund commended the Commission on the artistic decoration of the Cathedral of Christ the Savior.

The Cathedral Of Christ The Savior

the reconstruction of the sculptural decoration of the temple — the main work of the Foundation «Sculptor».


Yuri Orekhov was an amazing person. Good-natured, with a sense of humor. It was not boring. He loved classical music and literature. He was fundamental in the definitions and in love, in friends, benevolent to colleagues. And he especially liked Pushkin. Nuts come back to the image of the poet in his works.

‘most valuable asset — it's the people», — liked to repeat it.

Shocked his performance. Yuri Nuts barely rested. “what does the rest?», — he asked and worked all the time in the workshop.

In the last year of his life Nut receives the Presidential award from the hands of Vladimir Putin.


Vladimir Putin presents Yuri Smith
presidential award

in the Summer of 2001 Yury Grigoryevich Orekhov did not.
On 74-m to year of life, he left this world.

People are not eternal. Eternal stone, bronze, granite. In his works he retained the memory of famous people.
His creation — will keep the memory of the outstanding designer.

his father continued the son, Grigory Nuts. It is entrusted with the management of the Fund “Sculptor”, which
today still has a great mission — to promote the sculptors of Russia.