Russian Academy
of arts

People used to see art works at exhibitions, in museums and city squares: the art is one thing and life is another.

We believe that daily life should be surrounded by sculpture and paintings, works of art and simply beautiful things created by the hands of talented artists.

For this we have created a support Fund of sculptors of Russia "Sculptor", who works at the Russian Academy of arts. The Fund was established 1998. Over the years much has been done. The main achievement of the Fund is the reconstruction of the sculptural decoration of the Cathedral of Christ the Savior in Moscow. For a year and a half surviving fragments, photographs and archival content was recreated 48 sculptural compositions.

The Fund brings together more than 50 of the best masters of sculpture of Moscow and Saint‑Petersburg, famous artists and architects, designers, artists decorative-applied art. We create unique works: Park and garden sculpture, fountains, children's playgrounds, playgrounds, original planters, benches for rest areas, lights, candle holders, display cases, murals, mosaics, murals, fireplaces, and more.

Designers and artists Fund also decorate the interiors, starting with a comprehensive design solutions and finishing small details.

The Fund creates both unique and limited edition sculptures, fine and applied arts. The Foundation aims to our life, life and leisure in contact with the artwork.